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Software and Hardware Solutions

We love to make things easy, simple, and impressive. This will reflect in our brand new product and services. We are providing software solution for business problem. With our inventory management software, can grow your business and track on stocks and financial transaction. You can generate various report on click. We provide unique user friendly UI to the software, that will be very easy to learn functionality of software.

We are also in Mobile Application Development domain. We deliver android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Application.

We provide hardware solutions like barcode reader + inventory manager software, CCTV surveillance system.

For developing Software we follow following methodology :

Requirements Gathering and Analysis

During the requirements gathering and analysis, it is very important that most of the major requirements are captured accurately. It’s best to have as many meetings as necessary to make sure the client’s needs are understood. When analyzing the requirements, we try to identify any risks and offer strategies for risk mitigation. All requirements documented clearly and provided at meetings to keep track of what has been discussed to help ensure that everyone is on the same page. If possible, we provide demos of the future application via screenshots and/or prototypes to make sure requirements are met successfully.

The Design

In the design phase, the requirements will be broken down further to be able to forecast the project’s timeline and estimate the level of effort and amount of resources needed. During this phase, we need to identify any specific designs and workflows for the application. Once most of the design is identified, the development phase can begin.

Beginning Development

Usually during this phase, development tasks will be broken down into release efforts so the application can be completed in parts and the client can preview what has been done during the process.


The testing phase commences after a development release has been completed. Usually the application will be released to the Quality Control (QC) group, which will test all the functionality in the application. After a release has been completed, the development and testing phases are performed iteratively as issues are found, corrected, and retested. After completion of QC, the next critical testing activity is User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which is performed by the client. Typically, the client will identify a group of users to test the new application. UAT testers often find issues that are not obvious to QC testers, who may not fully understand the application or its data. It’s always best to allow time for UAT testing before approving an application for production implementation.

Production Implementation

And then it is given to our clients with full maintenance and support.